Camptonville Water Notice July 2021


Camptonville Water Customers

(July 2021)

Due to current drought conditions the following measures must be taken.

Effective immediately:

All residents are limited to 5,500 gallons per month for each metered connection.

All meters will be recorded on August 1st and then on a weekly basis.

Overuse fees will start at 5,500 gallons instead of the normal 20,000 gallons. There are customers who pay for more than one allotment, and this will no longer be possible until the wet season.           

I will try to alert customers if I see that they will go over.  Please feel free to check for leaks by turning off all faucets and looking at your meter.  If the triangle in the center stops turning, then you have no leaks.  If we all do our part, we will continue to have water when we turn on the tap.



Your water operator,

“JT” Thomas Rumsey

(775) 980-7138